Browser-Based Distributed Document Indexing and QA


PSI:Capture provides a single capture platform that can meet all the needs of an organization: document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR, data extraction and the ability to migrate the information into an ECM or repository, such as SharePoint.


Powerful, Web Based distributed capture

Capture Anywhere. PSIGEN's web-based document capture product PSI:Fusion provides internet browser queuing and indexing capability from just about any device. Its built-in barcode generator allows users a simple and efficient way to scan documents into their Fusion queues, index their documents with assigned metadata, and then send them on to their end destination.

Fusion can be utilized for MFP Scanning, inbound fax queuing and routing, capture workflow and approval, mail room routing and much, much more. With a simple and intuitive user interface, the product allows for quick training and deployment.

True integration with PSIGEN's Flagship document capture product PSI:Capture Enterprise allows an organization to leverage all the complex capture functionality in front end processing, and a simple route to Fusion export.

Digital document capture has significant benefits

Massive volumes of files can be readily accessible from your fingertips. Searching, organizing, filing and locating files takes mere moments.
With the cloud, untold amounts of data can be accessed in seconds, from anywhere, on devices once thought impossible for such tasks, including phones and tablets. Now, you can retrieve, file, and even index files from anywhere, anytime, worldwide, from pocket-sized electronic devices.
The ability to search document data, and invisible nested data (called metadata) of huge quantities of files propels the process of locating information your organization needs to near-instant levels. Thousands, even millions of documents can be searched in mere moments.
Digital document management allows for much more robust limits on the access of data in your organization, both within the office and without. Where physical documents require physical storage in physical rooms with manual access, digital documents can have layers of secure, encrypted, password-authenticated group level access applied to ensure that only those that need the data can get to it.
Digital storage continues to get faster, more reliable and less expensive, and at a fraction of the storage, filing and maintenance costs associated with manual storage.